Fitness Resistance Tube Heavy with Free Door Ankle

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Fitness Resistance Tube – Heavy (50lbs)

Colour- Black

Your Perfect Workout Tubes For Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts

Fitness resistance tube- workout

The workout is an asset for good health and being fit and doing exercises in senescence makes people fit and strong. Therefore, investing a small amount on a fitness resistant tube makes the life of user durable and healthy. However, no need to arrange long hours for a workout with a fitness tube, In addition, a regularly 20 minutes to make your physique fit and fine with this fitness tool.

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Benefits of Using Resistance Tubes

  • Improved posture and Improved sleep.
  • Increase the performance of everyday tasks therefore decreased risk of injury,
  • Improved quality and balance. Moreover light weights and exercise equipment
  • Build muscle, lose weight, enhance flexibility, Increase cardio, strengthen core, Tighten & Tone.
  • Easy to combine with exercise equipment therefore you can do yoga, Pilates and stretching etc.
  • Above all save on Store Space, portable and light weight and Suitable for almost everyone.
  • Resistance band cheap  and durable to use.
  • Fitness Levels Up to 40 lbs.


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